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Herald Sun, February 11, 2012
Herald Sun, February 11, 2012

"For elegance and suitor chemistry Fast Impressions was the clear winner" The Sydney Morning Herald

"Surprisingly stylish and attractive people... a sophisticated way for singles to meet." The Age

"A stylish crowd... I wished I'd dressed up more! When did speed dating get so sexy?" The Courier

"Everyone had made an effort to look good... It was the most fun I've had in ages." Marie Claire

"Not all speed dating companies are the same... Fast Impressions was far and away the best." Cream Magazine

Fast Impressions / Holden Event

13th April, 2014

10 FastImpressions members were a part of a social experiment looking to understand whether you get to know someone better by dating them in a car!

Our 5 couples went on a date in the New Look New Love Holden Cruze and tested out the theory and had the chance to win the a Holden Cruze for 3 months and the ultimate getaway to Hunter Valley!

Check out all the New Love Cruze dates here:

Herald Sun

14th May, 2013

Silver Tongues Woo in 4 Minutes

Remember that if you're looking for love words matter and four minutes of conversation is all it takes for prospective partners to forge a meaningful bond...

Daily Telegraph

14th May, 2013

Finding love just a quick chat away

IF you are looking for love, all it takes is four minutes... Experts say just 240 seconds of conversation is enough for prospective partners to forge a meaningful bond.

The Age

14th October, 2012

Custom matchmaking rounds up unusual suspects

DALE did not find love at his first speed date - so he narrowed his search and struck gold. Seven months ago, he met his now-girlfriend Amy at an event called 'University educated', open only to those with tertiary qualifications.
'I found the quality of the ladies to be higher,' says Dale, who asks to use his first name only. 'We had similar views and ideas, so we related better.'


12th October, 2012

Get an A+ in Dating!

On the report card of life, there are many things I would
get an A+ in. My ability to recite every line in Grease, for instance, But dating? I would get a big, fat',must try harder". Sure, I want to meet someone, but where?

And then what? Do I have to tease my hair to within an inch of its life and wear impossibly tight black leggings to make him mine? A few things are clear. One, l've watched Grease far too many times. And two, it's time to call in the experts...

Maribyrnong Weekly

24th November, 2011

Modern dating: Somehow we just clicked

"It’s a bit of fun and it’s interesting to look at yourself in a different perspective which you don’t get to do in a bar.’’ Lucy decided to try speed dating, as it fitted in with her schedule.

Sydney Morning Herald

12th October, 2011

Fit to Flirt

I arrived a few minutes early at an inner city lounge in a room secluded from the regular pub goers. The nerves were settled with the help of a bubbly host and a drink or two. The bell sounds, and I’m off chatting with one of 15 single ladies. You either click or you don’t, and eight minutes seems like a pretty efficient way to determine if you’re first date compatible... I found the quality of the women I met were top notch, and the whole experience offered a high risk-reward for those game to try it.

Weekend Notes

22nd June, 2011

Speed Dating in Melbourne

Dating 10 guys or gals in the one night doesn't have to be an elaborate scheme, involving several restaurants, an equal number of outfit changes, and a friend in the wings with a list of excuses for you to leave early in case things get awkward.

In fact, it can be good honest fun.

How, you ask? Speed dating!

Sunday Mail (Brisbane)

20th May, 2011

Bitter truth in choice of beer - Real you uncapped

MAYBE it's a case of beer goggles but Queenslanders think certain brews can make you look sexy, sophisticated. or sad.
Your choice of beer speaks volumes and it doesn't look good for VB drinkers, according to a national survey by Fast Impressions. The survey targeted 800 singles and suggested that VB drinkers were sad and boring types "who drone on all night about their ex, their work or recent spreadsheets". Fortytwo per cent of Brisbane respondents...

Daily Telegraph

21st March, 2011

Love in the fast lane

Finding a suitable date can be a long, touch business. But for people at a speed dating event finding the perfect partner relies on making a quick impression. Phil Jacob and photographer Noel Kessell joined would-be lovers at a Fast Impressions Speed Dating night to ask them: ‘What creates a good impression on a date?”

Weekend Courier

11th March, 2011

Tag 'sexiest' at home here

WHILE it's no surprise to us, women from Safety Bay have been named among Perth's sexiest, according to a survey by a speed dating agency. In a survey of nearly 5000 speed-dating clients by Fast Impressions, women from Fremantle, Kings Park and Safety Bay were named the most attractive. Unfortunately, there was no such gong for local men. After all, some of the nation's most beautiful women - models Megan Gale and Tiah Eckhardt, from Calista and Warnbro...

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