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Nathan and Emma "Both Nathan and I were on our fourth Speed Dating night when we met. Going to a few nights had helped us both become more comfortable with the process and were both relaxing into the nights and really enjoying them. Nathan is naturally warm, funny and kind, so he had had a lot of luck getting dates out of his previous events. I on the other had hadn't followed anyone else up following my previous nights out as they didn't feel right to me. But from the moment I met Nathan I found myself smiling on the inside. He is amazing. We first met in July 2014 at a Tall Man dating night, and since then we have grown incredibly close because we both love sports and exercising, going out, spending time with our friends and family, as well as having holidays and getaways.To my surprise Nathan proposed to me a few weekends ago while we were holidaying in Tasmania. I said yes and I couldn't be happier, because he is perfect for me. I can't imagine not being with Nathan. I am just so pleased we both showed up that night."

Nathan and Emma (01.04.15)

from meeting to babies!

"Hi Fast Impressions,

As its Valentines Day I am reminded of meeting my gorgeous husband 5 years ago at your Speed Dating event at Surfers Rowers on the Gold Coast. We were engaged 9 months later, married a year after that and now have two beautiful children.

I just wanted to say thank you for holding the event that we met at. Who knows where we'd be now if it wasn't for that chance meeting. I have attached some photos (above). We even found a photo you had of us the night we met.

Kind regards"
Louisa, Gold Coast

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At a very pleasant Fastimpressions evening in Canberra on 4 August 2011, Michelle and I met for the first time.

Well, things went well and as of two weeks ago we are engaged to be married!

We are keenly aware of the key role Fast Impressions has played in providing the opportunity for us to meet; we thank you from our hearts.

We also hope that our joy is shared by your team and that it provides some some small reward for the wonderful work you do.

Mark and Michelle, Canberra

"I've been wanting to write and thank you all for a couple of years and now I have the perfect excuse!

I was very sceptical about using a dating service, but being 30yrs old, recently returned from overseas and newly single my girlfriends convinced me that I had nothing to lose.

Three of us turned up to the 2008 White Nights party in Brisbane, and within half an hour I had met some fantastic gents and put dibs on Ben. Three years later we were engaged, last year we were married and we're now expecting our first baby!!

Thank you so much for helping me find my man, we couldn't be happier."
Karrie and Ben, Melbourne

"Hi fast impressions!

Just wanted to let you know some great news... My fiancé and I met at a fast impressions event on 25 May 2010 in Perth and we are getting married next weekend!!!

Keep up the good work - we both found the event really well organized and a lot of fun!
Andrew and Ebony, Perth

"I met my finance almost 3 years ago at Christian themed speed dating event and we are getting married next month.

Just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know grateful we are for this. Thank you so much and keep up the good work :)

Thanks & regards, "
Russell, Sydney

"I have some great news(well, maybe not so good for you, but a success story you are free to use!) A lovely young lady and I matched at one of your events on the 3rd of September at the Dome Bar, and we are now together, and quite happy.

I will keep my account open as I’m trying to persuade my friends to try it too, so it’s great to see what is going on and have some dates and times handy to spring on them hehe.

However thank you for the great service that you have been providing. I can assure you, it works ;)"
Adrian, Sydney

"I just wanted to get in touch to tell you that your host Tori is magical! She made everyone feel so at ease at The Supper Club event and, because of her, I know I will be coming back! Tori, you are a star and thank you for making this a really special event."
Anthony, Melbourne

"I went to a fast impressions event awhile back with a couple of mates. Four years later and I will be getting married (in a fortnight) to a girl I met at that event.

Your product works!

Bottomline is as part of the groom's speech I'm keen to mention we met at speed dating. I would be most grateful if you could pass on some best wishes I could relay at the wedding."
James, Melbourne

"I have just returned from a fantastic evening at your Book Lovers event and wanted to say what a great idea! I was lucky enough to meet someone I really liked and funnily enough made a great new female friend who is keen to join me at other dating events.

Thank you again for a very pleasant evening out and of course, my new book."
Carla, Brisbane

"I was a bit sceptical about speed dating but I really enjoyed the night! It's a great way to meet people of the opposite sex face to face. Fast Impressions provides an awesome service so a big thank you!"
Brad, Canberra

"In April 2009, I attended a Fast Impressions Speed Dating event and I ended up meeting my fiance. I went to a few speed dating events with Fast Impressions before hand and was very impressed with the quality of professional people I met at the events I attended. We are both professionals with busy lives and the Fast Impressions event was a very good way to meet. We are getting married on November 19th!"
Elaine, Melbourne

"I am writing to say that I went to my first speed dating experience last night and I was extremelly impressed. The host for the evening Paula was friendly, well organised and made everyone feel very relaxed. I met some very interesting people and would recommend this event to my friends."
Melissa, Sydney

"Thanks a million for Saturday night, it was an absolutely fabulous evening. The venue was very cool and the speed dating was well organised with a good selection of people. I will definitely be attending another soon and I'm happy to hear that I'm an elite member!"
David, Perth

"I have been to a couple of your speed dating events and have found them to be fun and professionally run. I have some single girlfriends at work and tried to get them to come along to speed dating but they are all to shy so instead I invited them to your Singles Party last Thursday night."
Zoe, Melbourne

"The place was packed and we were greeted by a very cute and friendly host (Stephen) who made us laugh as he marked our names off. One of the girls paired off within about a minute! We spent the night either walking around checking out the talent, dancing and talking to people or sitting at the couches where, with the help of a lovely, bubbly hostess (Tori), we had guys coming over and talking to us all night!

On Friday at work the girls couldn't stop talking about the night. Thank you so much, the night was fun, the staff were friendly and the event was very professional."
Alexa, Brisbane

"I used to be a regular customer of Fast Impressions and probably attended 10 events over a two year period.I always met great people and had a good time. Never went in with any expectations and just for a good night out, which it always was.

Then I met Tabitha at an elite event. So I am no longer a customer, but tell any single friends they should be getting along to Fast Impressions. It made a great story for the wedding speech! So thanks for running such a great service, and I hope you realise that along with all the fun, you can also have such a positive impact on people's lives."
Paul, Sydney

"My friend and I had heard about Fast Impressions in the news and we thought it would be fun to give speed dating a go. Well, we did it and I met a great girl, we couldn’t stop laughing. After the event we decided to go somewhere for a drink and soon after, we started dating each other. Now I have proposed and we are going to marry next August! Thanks Fast Impressions."
Carl, Brisbane

"I attended one of your speed dating events last November, and "what do you know", I've been dating one of my matches for almost a year now! If it wasnt for Fast Impressions who knows where I would be right now... and who with!!?! So a big thank you must go to you and the Fast Impressions Team!"
Kristy, Sydney

"I would like to extend my thanks to Fast Impressions for a very enjoyable night! You really do offer dating with style...and I was impressed with the quality of people. Both hostesses were natural and warm and very personable. Venue was excellent, in fact many of the dates commented about the great atmosphere."
Katya, Melbourne

"I had a bloody fantastic night.... I can't believe that 6 out of 10 ladies have matched with me. Great venue, great food, great company, great service and lovely ladies... I'll certainly be telling my mates of your great service."
Tim, Adelaide

"I recently attended a speed dating evening held at the Dome bar in Surry Hills which was facilitated by one of your hosts, Paula. I would like to extend my commendations to your host for the way in which she conducted the event. Her conduct was not only professional but personable and contributed greatly to what was a highly enjoyable event."
Omar, Sydney

"I would like to compliment you on the lovely caring staff at Mirage from FI yesterday. They were so nice and helpful. David was very nice especially. Best wishes and keep up the great work. It was lots of fun."
Cat, Adelaide

"I’m contacting you as my partner and I are one of your great success stories. I attended a number of your events and always found them extremely well organised, relaxed, comfortable and very enjoyable experiences. You do it with style!"
Cherry, Perth

"After attending one of your Singles Parties in Perth, I met a wonderful, gorgeous woman. We have now been together for 8 months and recently moved in together. I would like to say thanks to Fast Impressions for setting up the night and for providing people with the opportunity to meet in a casual environment. Thanks."
David, Perth

"I had the most awesome time! I was a wee bit apprehensive as I have never done this before but already my girlfriends have been on the phone to find out how I went and 1 is even keen to come with me next time. Cheers for an awesome service."
Tanya, Brisbane

"You were professional, yet fun and rather than being a slightly depressing evening, I actually found it to be a bit of an ego boost. Thanks for restoring my faith in the men of Brisbane (I had though they were all gay or married)."
Christine, Brisbane

"Very Impressed! I was very nervous however I found it to be sooo much fun. I will be back, unless I find Mrs Right!"
Craig, Newcastle

"I came along to a speed dating event in November last year and had an absolute ball - I've recommended it to all my single friends, male and female."
Terry, Sydney

Just wanted to say thanks as I went to the valentines day drinks at cruise last night and met a really fantastic girl. We had a 3 hour talk and will be going out later this week. So thanks again for holding these events.
Chris, Canberra

Thanks for all your invitations! Besides the event in Surry Hills I have only been to one other, at Fox Studios. It was a great night and a very successful one in that I met a lovely girl and we are still going strong. I wish to thank you for facilitating our meeting. Unfortunately for you this means no more business!
Rod, Sydney

"I thought it was a very good event in comparison to (a different speed dating company) that I have previously been to.
I liked the location, and the atmosphere was lovely. I think that it was very well organised and will definately be recommending fast impressions to my single friends."
Karen, Perth

"Guess what? I am now very serious with James who I met at one of your events. We have been living together since Christmas. We will be celebrating our year anniversary in May and so far things are going spectacularly! We are a walking advertisement for the speed dating concept."
Louise, Sydney

"I went to one of your speed dates in November and found my perfect match!!!! We have been going out ever since and it is going strong. Thanks once again!"
Carol, Adelaide

"Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic night back in April. I'm sorry to say that I won't be a repeat customer, your service worked so well that I managed to meet the most fantastic woman in my first visit! Kylie and I are so well matched that it seems totally unbelievable, having been through a couple of long term and fulfilling relationships I can safely say that none have started off this well, the service you provide was extremely professional and very welcoming. So thanks again and keep weaving the magic!"
Andrew, Melbourne

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